Do you have blissful expectations for Valentines Day?

Most of us don't look this cute while soaking in a nice tub of bubbles, but the look on Ava's face (Granddaughter of my girlfriend Ellen) says it all!  Most females feel as Ava does, there is something so blissfully nice about a bubble bath!

A long soak, with candles, music, and maybe a flower or two, is something I would adore for Valentine's Day, especially if it's being prepared by my husband.  

Valentine's Day is one of those days you either want to ignore or feel totally pressured by - particularly the guys. What is the right gift for our significant other? My husband and I were discussing it this week, in a class called "Marriage Matters"--What are your expectations for Valentine's Day? 

In the class, when asked what our expectations are, the answers were anything from, "I'm not into a Hallmark created holidays," to "Give me diamonds!" But, the bigger question is, "Have you let your significant other know what your expectations are?" Sometimes we women expect men to be mind readers, and Valentine's Day is a well does he know me?

If you're the, I'm not into a Hallmark created holiday type, and your spouse is someone who wants the day to be extra special, you may have a problem.  One easily solved with a little communication.  This was addressed as we went around the table, sharing what our expectations are with each other.  

Personally, I don't have high expectations.  But, I do have expectations.  Hearing women say they expect diamonds, was a little shocking actually.  What I think they were saying, is "Prove to me how much you love me by spending lots of money on something I love!" I couldn't help but wonder if there was something missing in the relationship that a woman needs that much proof. Puts a lot of pressure on the man, don't you think?

Then there is what most men know what I'm going to, baby!  Men are far easier to please! :-) 

I think most mature women would agree, a nice bubble bath, a hand written card, a romantic dinner out, even a special dinner prepared by hubby are simple reminders that your spouse cares.  But, why wait until Valentine's day? Let's let each other know more than just one day a year.  Bubble bath anyone?



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