Facebook scam--Unrealistic expectations?

Have you seen them? They usually target women over 50 and Wow, do they drag you in! The video ads on Facebook showing a woman with severe under eye bags. Another woman applies an eye creme to the bags, and voila, the bags disappear in 3 minutes.  I mean disappear! Well, who doesn't want that, right?

The's a scam!! 

First of all, these results are fake (only happens with surgery), secondly, you get sucked into an auto-ship situation. 2 weeks after receiving your "Free Sample" (only $4.95 shipping!) of the miracle creme, you'll discover a $90 or more charge to your credit card and product you didn't order on the way.

 This leads me to the question: Do we have Realistic Expectations?!

I don't think there's a woman alive who wouldn't want to apply a creme, and magically have every wrinkle disappear in 3 minutes! But, here's the bottom line--the only way to get those kinds of results is by a skilled plastic surgeon with scalpel in hand. 

Can you see improvement by using a great skin care line? Of course, you can!
Significant improvement, but not plastic surgery type results.

For example, when you are using a line that has fabulous organic ingredients the health of your skin is going to improve.  When the health of your skin improves, so will the appearance! Fine lines appear smoother, tone improves and skin clarity is enhanced.

It turns out that the secret to having amazing skin is also how you use your products and having a consistent routine.  That doesn't mean sunscreen a couple times a week and nighttime serums every few days.  You get best, and fastest results with consistency...religious consistency!

Give the products time to work: A moisturizer/serum can plump up fine lines in a few days, but most products take at least 6 weeks to work. Sometimes it can take up to 3 months. Be patient and give the product time to work. 

Continue using your treatments, if you want to continue seeing results: People often stop using a product once they see results. 

Be a fanatic about sunscreen...I mean fanatic!  Don't undo the repair your organic skin care products do for your skin by exposing your face to the sun. If you are using anti-aging skin care, you must use sunscreen in conjunction with your anti-agers.  For example, Retinols, are photo-inactivated, meaning exposure to direct sunlight makes them less effective. For this reason, they are normally suggested to be used at night, right before going to bed.

Beware: when in comes to gimmicky ads, the old adage--if it's too good to be true...

well, you know the rest.

Have you seen the Facebook ads? Have you sent away for the product? I'm interested in hearing your story.

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