Why I decided to switch to a plant based diet and what happened

by Kelli P August 25, 2017 4 Comments

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Most Women know it isn't easy to lose weight after 60. Just ask anyone who's tried. I knew back in May I had put on what I like to call Contentment Weight. You know what I mean,  you're happy, life is good, and before you know it, 5 lbs becomes 10 lbs. After trying unsuccessfully to drop the extra pounds with more exercise and smaller portions, I knew I needed to do something more radical to jump start my metabolism.
Two friends of mine had recently lost weight with juicing...significant weight. I've tried fasting before and it just doesn't work for me. I decided on a modified fast by juicing during the day and eating a normal dinner at night.
After 6 weeks of drinking vegetable juices, I had lost 10 lbs. But, I noticed something else, I felt a lot better!  
More than just losing weight, I noticed a difference in energy, less brain fog, much less annoying stomach issues and my skin was glowing!
It was shortly after this time my husband and I watched a few documentaries on health. "What the Health, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and Vegucated". We were convinced that if we want to live a longer, healthier life a lifestyle change was in order.
I also refuse to give in to my poor genetic make-up including Stroke, Obesity, Heart disease, Cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. I want to know that if I do get any of these diseases I've done all I can to prevent it. 
Today, it's been a month of eating mostly plant based meals. I still drink my juices daily; 2 green and 1 small fruit juice, along with plant based lunches and dinners. My weight loss is 12 lbs now and I feel great!
It's a challenge to retrain myself to cook differently, but I'm pleased when I come up with a delicious plant based meal. Fortunately, I like to cook!
Here's something I notice though...people often ask me "What are you eating for Protein?" There is a lot of misconception that you can only get protein from animal based products; meat, poultry, cheese, etc. 
Here's a rundown of how I get my protein:
Sprouted-grain bread - 10g per sandwich
1 cup of greens such as Spinach 7 g - I have at least 2 cups of various greens in my juices and I drink 2/day 
Quinoa - 9g 1 cup
Beans - 13-15g per serving
Tofu - 10g - 1/2 cup
Nuts - 10g - 1/2 cup
Farro - 7g - 1/4 cup
How much protein does an average 120 lb woman need daily? 60 grams per day. General rule of thumb is divide your weight in half, that's the number of grams of protein you need daily. If you're active, you'll need a little more. 
Not only have I lost the weight I desired, I'm living a lifestyle I feel better about. You can too. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or need support for your own wellness changes. I also welcome your comments.

Kelli P
Kelli P


Kelli Parisian - Founder of Parisian's Pure Indulgence Organic Skin Care. Contributing writer to LivingBetter50 online Woman's Magazine. Come along with me, and learn how to have a healthy, vibrant, beautiful life after 50!

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Kelli A Parisian
Kelli A Parisian

August 28, 2017


Sounds like you are doing great. Congrats on the healthy choices you’re making. It’s more than weight, isn’t it? I am Pescatarian moving toward Vegan. I would say I eat 90% Plant Based. Twice a week though, I have wild caught fish. I eat a very small amount of dairy too. This works for me.

Kelli A Parisian
Kelli A Parisian

August 28, 2017

David, I have a couple of groups on Facebook that I get recipe inspiration from. Vegan Enthusiasts is one. Google searces for vegan recipes are very fruitful too. Maybe we should collaborate on a Vegan cookbook some day!

Fran Kahn
Fran Kahn

August 25, 2017

Kell, I’ve done something similar. I’ve been on Juice Plus, six fruit and veggie capsules daily, ( I empty them into their protein shake since I can’t swallow them easily) I also add a banana , spinach, blueberries, etc. I am supposed to have two of the shakes a day but one gets me so satisfied, then I have a good dinner. I have lost 10 lbs in about 2 mo. I will feel even better after losing another 10. !!! I found out about Juice Plus after my girlfriends husband had a liver transplant, recovery slow and after a year, he still could not process mentally or get his strength back. A friend of hers introduced them to Juice Plus and it has changed their life. It took a few months but his strength and cognitive ability has improved so much, they are elated. They are strong in their faith as well! Besides losing the extra lbs, my Gerd is almost non existent!! Would you say you have become a vegetarian? You look great!

David Hill
David Hill

August 25, 2017

Have you found a good source for recipes? Are you also staying away from dairy and gluten?

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