How To Remove Artificial, Acrylic, Gel Nails, Safely

best way to remove artificial, acrylic, hard or soft gel nails without damaging natural nail, how to make natural nails stronger

What to do with your nails when Salons are closed and you need to remove your acrylic/gel nails?

Many of you may be struggling with what to do with your nails. Your favorite Nail Technician has let you know the nail salon is closed. Your acrylic nails are lifting (a perfect place for bacteria to grow), brush-on gels are peeling off and natural nails are soft, peeling, and splitting from frequent hand washing.

Do you have Acrylic, Hard Gel, or Dip nails? 

Don't know the difference? Read my article on the differences here.

If it's time to remove artificial/gel nails, while it's tempting to just lift them off with your teeth or pick them off, it's extremely damaging to your natural nail. Layers of your own nail come off with the artificial nail!

How to remove gel/acrylic nails with minimal damage 

Acrylic Nails/Hard Gels/Dip Nails

Remove nail polish

File the top of the remaining acrylic with a nail file, avoiding the natural nail, as thin as you can. 

Soak in acetone -- not nail polish remover. You can find acetone on Amazon. Your fingers won't fall off from soaking ;-) but, it is drying to the nails. You may need to soak for 30 minutes or more. Don't rush this. It's best to soak for 10 min, file for 2 minutes, soak again.

After nails are off, wash hands and nails thoroughly, apply a thick nail cream or oil to your natural nail. Do this often (every 2-3 hours). Leave nails bare for a day or two, applying creams and/or cuticle oils throughout the day. Invest in a great Nail Strengthener like our Nail Fitness. and follow the directions on our web store. 

Brush on, Soak off Gels 

Gather 10 cotton balls and 10 pieces of aluminum foil, approximately 4 x 4 inches.

Apply acetone to cotton ball (enough to soak)

Apply cotton ball to top of the nail and wrap foil around nail

Let rest 10 - 15 minutes, and then wipe polish remnants away.

Follow with same recommendation as acrylic nails--apply a ultra rich cream or oil to nails.

Invest in a good quality nail cream and nail strengthener. Be patient.


Best way to remove acrylic, hard gel, soft gel, artificial nails safely, how to make natural nails stronger

Natural nails 

Chipping, soft, splitting?

Water is the enemy of nails. The more water we're in, the softer and weaker our nails become. Use gloves when doing dishes, and apply in a great Nail Cream and Nail Strengthening Polish. Use both religiously. Nails should be home manicured at least once a week. Use regular nail polish remover when removing polish. Acetone is not necessary.

Do you have a better understanding of how to remove artificial nails? Any tips you'd like to share?


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Fran Kahn

Fran Kahn

April 23, 2020

Kell, after taking my acrylics off , I have been diligently using your Shea Brule hand and cuticle cream and my nails are looking healthy and soon I’ll put the Nail Fitness on them.
Also, I need to order the pet CBD oil again. My little Chloe has been doing so good since we have been putting it in her dinner every night.

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