New Ways to Boost your Immune System and Avoid the Flu

by Abbie In the Tidepool January 19, 2018

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Just watch the news and you'll hear the flu is hitting us hard this year and the flu vaccine is less than 10% effective. More than ever, it's important to find ways to boost our immune system and protect ourselves.


5 Tips to avoid the flu 

 Am I the only one who hadn't heard of #1 before?

  1. Immune boosting IV's - Many are avoiding the flu by having an immune-boosting IV containing high doses of Vitamin C, B vitamins, Selenium and Zinc combined with specially formulated nutrients to help combat superbugs and common viruses. The IV's come with a hefty price tag, but may be worth it. Plan on spending $120-$300 per IV drip. It takes 30-45 minutes to administer.  They'll even come to you! Read more about the IV drips here. I have a friend who swears by these IV's. Her husband had a bad bout of the flu recently, and she began to feel like she was getting it. She immediately had the Immune Boosting IV, and not only didn't get the flu, she felt great!*


  1. Cut out Sugar! Studies have shown that eating a sugary snack or meal can depress the immune system for several hours, creating a window of time during which it is easier to get the flu. Avoiding excessive sugar can keep the immune system working at the level needed to fend off viral infections, like the flu.



  1. Zinc and Vitamin C - My husband and I both take Zicam the minute one of us feels a cold or flu coming on. Typically, it prevents both of us from getting a cold, but, if one of us does, it greatly reduces down time.  Zinc plays an important role in maintaining healthy immune function. Low levels of zinc are associated with a decrease in T cell function, a vital white blood cell that helps fight infections. Vitamin C can greatly enhance the immune system’s ability to fight infections of many kinds. In controlled trials, Vitamin C has been shown to aid in the prevention of influenza, as well as shortening the duration and reducing the severity of infections already contracted.


  1. Wash your hands especially when you've been out in public! - Example:  I don't leave the gym without washing my hands first. I wash off my water bottle too.  I don't pick up my phone either until I've washed my hands!  Clean your phone with 60% water, 40% alcohol wipe a few times a month during the flu season.



  1. Pamper your Nose- Periodic sinus rinses with NeilMed Sinus Rinse or a Neti Pot (my personal favorite) flush out viruses and help clear secretions. Be sure to use only distilled or boiled water (3-5 minutes) in a Neti Pot. 

How about you? What are your favorite tips for preventing colds and flu? 



Abbie In the Tidepool
Abbie In the Tidepool


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