What Our Rebranding Means To You!

Rebranding Helps a Brand/Business To Stay Relevant

Why We Decided To Rebrand

This was an important decision. It wasn't one we made lightly. It's expensive and time consuming to rebrand. A strong branding strategy and process was our goal. Our strategy was developed with the help of our customers and experts in the field.

Most companies rebrand to stand out among the competition, and improve brand awareness. I thought of Coca-cola and the various ways they reinvented their cola and the infamous Coca-cola can design. 

Product packaging design is a great opportunity for a company to express their personality. Coke was looking to appeal to a broader market.

We're going for more contemporary packaging through color and creative design. We want you to look forward to your experience with our products.. they should look good on your bathroom counter/vanity, appeal to your eye, and offer you the best in skincare solutions.

Unlike Coca-cola...we're a small brand that's not all about profits. Customer service will always be our #1 priority. 

The Purpose Of Our Recent Rebrand Is To Update Our Image

Rebranding gives us the opportunity to keep our company up-to-date through modernizing marketing materials such as, logo, color schemes, fonts and product packaging.

Our new look should feel like an evolution, rather than a complete overhaul.  

The first thing you'll notice is our new logo.


Old Parisians Pure Indulgence Logo 

Old Logo

New Parisians Pure Indulgence Logo

New Logo

What hasn't changed

We're still the same brand you know and trust! Our hope is to remain in your confidence by continuing to offer you clean, effective skincare treatments.

We've changed our brands appearance but not our commitment to clean beauty, supporting causes we believe in, and being a very personal brand.

I'll continue to send out hand written notes with every order until my hands go into spasms :-)  I appreciate each and every one of our customers and try my best to keep in touch with them through our various social media platforms and my bi-monthly newsletter.

Our mission and values haven't changed either. We're still totally committed to inspiring women over 50 to live healthy, exuberant, beautiful lives after 50. 

Tell us what you think of our new look. 

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