What To Do About Dry, Split, Weak Nails?

Are your nails dry, split, or weak?

This time of year, more than ever, I hear complaints about how the weather affects a woman's hands and nails. Dry skin and split, weak nails, seem to be worse in the fall and winter months. Cold weather, running the heat in our homes, windy conditions all contribute to those nasty little cracks around your nails in the cuticle area.

What causes split, weak nails?

Repetitive hand washing and drying cause nails to split and peel. Nails swell in water and become soft. Make sure your nails are thoroughly dry after washing, and wear gloves when doing dishes or gardening to protect your nails and cuticles.

Another cause of weak nails that split is improper removal of nail enhancements such as gel, acrylic, and even nail polish. Picking off polish thats been on a while takes some of your own nail with it, causing the nail to become weaker each time polish is not removed properly.

After hand washing and/or removing nail enhancements it's important to restore your nails with the right nail creams/oils too. Look for nail strengthening products that reinforce and protect your nails.

How we can help

Our customers review two of our best treatments for dry, split, weak nails. It's no wonder these are two of our best sellers. Nail Fitness Nail Hardenerand Shea Brulee, Hand and Cuticle creme. We're told our cuticle creme is like a glove of hydration conditioning your hands, cuticles, and nails. 

Our customer testimonials

Adriana J. reviews Shea Brulee Hand & Cuticle Creme

"My second Winter using this cuticle cream. Can't live without it. Big difference in terrible splitting I get around my cuticles this time of year. Completely gone."

Sara H. Testimony 

"The Shea Brulee is the perfect solution to my dry and cracked hands/cuticles. In just a few days of use, they have completely changed to being smooth and soft!"

Jane M. Testimony

Best Nail Product! 

"This is the best product and I don't know why it is not advertised more. I was introduced to it at a nail salon and it brought my nails back from total destruction. But I changed jobs and stopped using it when I went to another salon. However, I was not happy with the products I found so I went on line and purchased it again. In 2 weeks my nails are 100% better and my manicure lasts a full week now, a first for me. I use it as a base coat, then apply it as a top coat every other day. Amazing!"

"After trying many products my nails still broke, split in layers, and cracked from tip toward cuticle. My thumb nails were the worst. A friend gave me a bottle of Nail Fitness and it worked. I've used it for several years and when I go for a while without using it, the old problems return. Using Nail Fitness works for me--it gives me healthy nails. I truly recommend it heartily."

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