Your Unboxing Experience

New Unboxing Experience

Every correspondence from Parisian's Pure Indulgence, and every order, should convey a message to you, our customer--You're special, indulged, you treat yourself to luxury products because you care about quality. Organics and toxin Free are more than gimmicky marketing words to you. You, our savvy customer, deserve the best!

With this in mind, I'm pleased to share some changes in your unboxing experience when ordering from Parisian's Pure Indulgence.

Unboxing Experience?!  What's that? It's how you feel when you open a package from us.  You can feel somewhat satisfied, or you can feel luxuriously indulged when opening a box from us. 

It's the little things, tissue wrapped products, gift bags with specially chosen samples, a hand-written note from us; a box on your doorstep that when you see the logo, you'll be excited to see what's inside!  

We hope shopping with us will be different than shopping at a department store, or Amazon. We hope you'll experience the difference ordering from a Luxury Apothecary brings.  Please feel free to let others know the differences too.

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