5 Habits Of Inner Beauty

Habits of Inner Beauty

When you're in the beauty business you spend a lot of time focusing on what makes someone beautiful on the outside. Our world puts considerable emphasis on beauty, but it's what radiants from our hearts make us truly beautiful.

A lifetime of positive habits contribute to a beautiful spirit

1. Humility

Confidence and self-respect are great, but not at the expense of humility. One of the most beautiful traits a woman (or man for that matter) can have is an attitude of humility. Low self-esteem is not what we're talking about, but it's thinking of yourself so much that it damages the way you behave. True humility comes from seeing ourselves as we truly are and sometimes it's a hot mess! 

2. Generosity

"The Meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away." Pablo Picasso. True generosity involves more than just giving. It requires empathy. Many give to get, or because they have excess. 

Selfless generosity is the giving of time and talent because it brings joy to the receiver. These types are happy to assist others, even when receiving nothing in return. Their joy comes from simply knowing they brought joy to someone else.

3. Positivity 

Looking for the good. It's the opposite of negativity and trash-talking. We all know people around us (hopefully we're not that person) who love to trash-talk others. Consider setting boundaries with those who constantly trash-talk. Or, make an effort to change the direction of the conversation to something positive.

Gravitate to those who are positive, it's contagious. Avoid negativity. Remember your Mom telling you, you become like those you hang with most? It's the truth.

When I feel myself going to a place of negativity, I remind myself of all I'm grateful for. Gratitude takes our focus to something positive. 

4. Genuine happiness 

Looking for simple ways to have fun brings happiness. Sometimes it even finds you...the other night I was at a local outdoor shopping center with my granddaughter. In the courtyard, a musician was playing lively, upbeat music.

Before we knew it, we were both dancing! We danced, and danced, and danced some more. The entire time we were laughing and being silly and having the most fun! We were also creating a memory, a memory I'm still smiling about days later.

5. Curiosity 

Studies show curious people are happier, have lower levels of anxiety, more satisfaction in life, and greater psychological well-being. 

Curiosity strengthens our relationships and expands our empathy. Being others- focused and demonstrating curiosity towards another is a great way to build closeness with them.

How can you grow your inner beauty? The best way is by learning from those who have mastered it.