Nail Fitness Nail Rejuvenation & Hardener

Were you born with weak, wimpy nails? Or, perhaps you've recently removed hard gels or acrylics and your nails are seriously damaged!  We can help. Just read the reviews below.

Nail Fitness promotes the growth and strength of natural nails with its unique formula of nail hardening proteins. 

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Nail Fitness Nail Hardener

We realize nail polish by nature is not "Natural" (and we're all about natural!), this nail hardener is so great for strengthening natural nails, we just had to include it in our line.


  • Keratin
  • Calcium
  • Gelatin
  • Wheat Protein
  • Soy Protein

Non-yellowing, and quick drying.

Disclaimer: We are a retailer for Nail Fitness, not the manufacturer.

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Day 1 - To clean nail surface apply 2 coats Nail Fitness. Colored nail polish may be worn over Nail Fitness. Apply 2 coats colored polish, follow with top coat.

Day 2 - Apply 1 coat Nail Fitness

Day 4 - Apply 1 coat Nail Fitness

Day 7 - Remove all polish. Apply nail & cuticle cream -- preferably Shea Brûlée Cuticle cream OR New Nails Nail Fortifying Creme.

Let the Shea Brulee or New Nails cream sit on nails for 3 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Start again with Day 1 instructions to apply 2 coats Nail Fitness

See what people are saying!

My skin is glowing
It’s been almost two weeks since I started Retinol treatment. Wow, what a change, my skin is glowing! I’m noticing fine lines disappearing. I’m so impressed with all Parisians products but this is by far my favorite ~ Lynda F. CA

Great Product!
I have been using the Peptide Line Diminishing Eye Gel for several months now and have noticed that my eyes appear brighter and less “tired”. The puffiness is less and the skin under them is brighter. ~ Jeanne M. NC

Great for sore muscles/joints
Serenity Premium CBD Gel works for me! Highly recommend for relief from sore or strained muscles! I have an old ACL injury that acts up from time to time and this quiets the aches quickly. Smells nice without being too strong, too. ~ Connie M. HI

Platinum C gets a "A" from me!
I started using PPI's Platinum C about a year ago when I decided to dump the toxic department store brand from my beauty regimen.The Platinum C meets and exceeds my expectations and has kept my skin texture smooth, even and yes - YOUTHFUL!! The same type product in department stores would have cost me almost double what I pay for PPI. ~ Nicole R. CA