Are skincare products purchased at a Doctors office better?

Are the skincare products you purchase in a Doctors office better?  The short answer...probably not.

After 30 years in the beauty industry, I've seen and heard many stories from women when it comes to their skincare purchasing experiences and habits .  Recently, a client mentioned she had been to her dermatologist for a rash.  Upon leaving, she noticed the doctor sold a particular line of anti-aging skincare. The woman at the front desk suggested she try the products, and my client told her, "I'm happy with my skincare line, it's natural and organic."

"Oh, you should try these, they are more potent and effective than the organic lines." the assistant proclaimed, and the dermatologist concurred.  When my client shared this story with me, I wasn't surprised; inaccurate information abounds.

While dermatologists know how to treat skin diseases and their advice in this area need not be questioned, they don’t necessarily know the best skin care products to use. Dermatologists often sell their names to a product and don’t actually have much involvement in the development.  

Other Doctors are sold product lines by sales reps because they don't have time to explore different skincare lines and ingredients. If they did, they might be surprised to learn the "Natural and Organic lines" have the same active ingredients found in other anti-aging skincare lines, delivered in a pure, safe and highly effective formula.

On the flip side, I had another client tell me, she had just been to her (Master) Aesthetician for a facial.  The Aesthetician asked her to bring in the products she is currently using. She uses a few from our Parisian's Pure Indulgence line.  After carefully looking over the ingredients, she proclaimed they were safe and the ingredients were those she would highly recommend!  

Don't be mislead into thinking a product is more potent because it's sold in a Doctors office. Many are surprised when they learn our Platinum High Potency Vitamin C Serum contains a whopping 20% level of both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid!  

Consider the source, grade, purity and effectiveness of any skin care line, no matter where you're purchasing, and don't believe you have to pay $300-$600.00 per treatment, to get great results either--but that's another blog topic :-)