Telomeres And Aging Skin

Telomeres play a crucial role in the fate of our cells and in aging skin.

Warning: I'm going to get a little science-y here. 

Telomeres are sections of our DNA found at the end of chromosomes.  Think of them like the plastic caps/tips of shoelaces. They protect our chromosomes.

If you're like me and are seeking to better understand the aging process, telomeres are part of the puzzle. Theories suggest that the aging process is at least partly linked to our telomeres. 

In this study, Telomeres, lifestyle, cancer, and agingour health and lifespan may be affected by telomere length.

When they get too short, cells can go into an aged, unhealthy state known as senescence where cells can no longer divide and cells can die. This process is thought to contribute to the aging of skin and other tissues.

Disease and Telomeres

Short telomeres predict early onset of aging diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, and, in some studies, dementia.

In the book, "The Telomere Effect," Dr. Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel's research shows that the length and health of our telomeres are associated with the mind-body connection.

The Good News

Scientists have found that changes we can make to our daily habits can protect our telomeres, support our skin, and increase our health and lifespans. 

How can we protect our telomeres?

1. Maintain a healthy weight 

2. Quit smoking

3. Get enough sleep

4. Exercise regularly

5. Reduce or better manage stress

6. Eat a diet rich in Vitamin C, polyphenols, and anthocyanins. Red peppers, berries, spinach, oats, and dark chocolate (Yay!) 

7. Monitor cholesterol and sugar levels regularly to avoid the onset of diabetes or high cholesterol.

8. Take supplements.

The fountain of youth at a cellular level

Protecting your telomeres can also protect the way our skin ages too. There is new evidence that more can be done to not only slow, but reverse cellular aging caused by damage to telomeres. 

Counteracting the telomere shrinking process is the enzyme, telomerase. This enzyme may hold the key to delaying or even reversing the cellular aging process by lengthening the telomeres, and effectively extending the lifespan of a cell.

Skin care ingredients that assist and encourage protection and repair of telomeres

The following are key ingredients for telomere protection.


Peptides - initiates synthesis of telomerase, protecting telomeres.

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Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B - Antioxidants that counter oxidative stress

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Rosehip Oil - Rich in Polyphenols known to be telomere-protective.

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Resveratrol - superior ability to penetrate the skin barrier and actively slow down the aging process of our skin. Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties.

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