What is Micellar Water and how does it work?

How Micellar Water Works

Pronounced"my-cellar," this fancy french water was popularized by french women in the early 1900's when plumbing wasn't widely available in France and the water was quite harsh on the skin.

I first discovered it while traveling in france. I was in a store and had just tested a very bright, red lipstick and was ready to take it off. I was handed a tissue soaked in micellar water to remove the lipstick. I thought, "No way is this lipstick budging," We all know the pigment in red lipstick is hard to remove!

Not only did the micellar water remove it brilliantly, my lips felt soft and hydrated afterward.

So, what is it?

It's a gentle cleansing fluid that uses micelles (small molecules of mild surfactants) that come together like tiny magnets and gently attach themselves to makeup, oil, and debris, gently removing without requiring rinsing. It minimizes rubbing, dryness and irritation of the skin. It's milder than traditional soaps and cleansers.

Who should use Micellar water?

Anyone really, but especially those with sensitive or dry skin, or if you're someone who forgets to wash your makeup off at night.

Keep a bottle of micellar water and tissue or cotton pads near your bed. It's a good option for quick and easy makeup removal before bed.

Since there's no rinsing required, micellar water is the perfect travel or camping companion. Sweaty after a workout or bike ride? Soak a cotton pad and wipe it away. 

Micellar water restores and protect our skin's natural moisture barrier and should not contain any harsh chemicals.


Avoid inexpensive versions of micellar water that may include polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB). There's been reports of allergic reactions to this ingredient.

Micellar water is non-abrasive, hydrating, and easy to use. It can be used before a regular cleansing or after to remove heavy makeup. Many use it like a toner for a deeper pore cleansing.

Need an instant hydration boost? 

Micellar water is the gold standard for dehydrated skin. Especially in the cooler months when skin can be more dehydrated.

We don't recommend micellar water as a complete cleansing routine, but as an alternative or addition to a deep cleansing.

More benefits

Keep your bottle of micellar water near your makeup counter/vanity. It's perfect for touching up eyeliner, or when your mascara smudges. A drop or two on a q-tip is all you need for touch ups.

Tip: Do hand sanitizers dry out your skin? Try micellar water as an alternative for cleaning your hands. Pour onto palms, rub hands together--no rinsing needed.

I find using it in the morning rather than a complete face cleansing is a quick, easy way to start my day and morning skincare ritual. My skin feels more hydrated, soft and clean.


We're launching our own micellar product--Micellar Spa Cleansing Water, very soon. It's boosted with soothing Lavender essential oil. You'll feel like you stepped into your favorite spa every time you use it.