Why Use A Face Cleanser And Toner Daily?

Woman cleansing face with face cleanser, micellar water

Is using both a face cleanser AND toner daily really necessary?

We all know cleansing our skin daily is a must. Even if you don't wear makeup daily--pollutants, dead skin cells, and oils invade our skin, making it absolutely necessary to cleanse daily, particularly at night. Who wants to put our face on a dirty pillowcase because we've forgotten to wash makeup off from the day before?

The other danger is dirt/oils/sweat/dead skin cells trapped in our pores over time can make our pores appear larger...ick!

So, we know it's important to cleanse our face, but what is a Toner and why do you need it?

Years ago toners were used to remove excess oil from the skin and were especially useful for people with acne. Those products contained high concentrations of astringents and therefore were very drying. The new generation of toners are now alcohol-free and actually contain a variety of soothing, brightening, and anti-aging ingredients. 

Remember, toner is the product you use after cleansing and before applying face serums or moisturizers. It has a few very key functions.

4 important reasons to use a toner

 1.  To balance our pH level. Our skin is naturally acidic. Most soaps are alkaline in nature causing our pH levels to get out of whack making our skin work harder to return to normal levels. This can result in more oil production. Toners help restore the pH balance quickly.

  2. Toners thoroughly cleanse our pores. Look for toners that boast Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHAs) in their ingredients deck. FYI - these are not to be confused with acids that are meant to abruptly remove layers upon layers of skin. AHA's are the holy grail of ingredients when it comes to penetrating and thoroughly cleaning your pores. Clean pores naturally appear smaller. 

 3.  Toners prep skin for maximum absorption of treatments that follow. Serums and moisturizers work best on a clean palette. 

 4.  Today's toners combine advanced anti-aging ingredients with gentle botanicals that purify, balance the skin, provide hydration, and soothe all at once.

When shopping for a toner, be sure to look for a product without artificial fragrances. Opt for natural scents found in hydrosols/distillates. We use Neroli/Orange Blossom distillate for both the skin benefits and to delicately scent our Tonique Toner. 

Where does micellar water fit into your skincare cleansing routine?

Micellar Water has gained popularity recently. It's easy to use, cleans thoroughly and doesn't need rinsing. It removes makeup like it was never there!

The first time I was introduced to micellar water it was to remove red lipstick. I was shocked at how completely it removed the lipstick.

Micellar water can be used as a toner too. Applying it to a cotton pad and wiping over your entire face is a perfect way to ensure your skin is ultra-clean. 

It can be used for a quick refresh after a workout, walk, or when you're camping and water isn't as readily available.