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Many will tell you, you can't start a business at 50 years old.

They will also tell you, get a business degree first. I didn't let my lack of formal education or age hinder me.  

A divorce at 52 didn't stop me either. I never gave up on love. But, hey, that's another story.

Why I started Parisian's Pure Indulgence

Perhaps you're like me, of Scottish-Irish descent and have sensitive, delicate skin, and can't tolerate most products you find in department stores?  I know I'm in good company because many of my customers, friends, and relatives tell me they also have skin sensitivities. 

Parisian’s Pure Indulgence was born out of concern about what was in the treatments we put on our skin. Do you ever wonder, as I did, what are all these unpronounceable ingredients in big brand cosmetics?  Why do you need them? And why do they cause my skin to go into allergic reaction?

After many years in the beauty industry, I was looking to develop products to use on my salon clients that were pure, safe and effective. The first product, Sugared Butter Whip Body Polish, was my own formulation, developed after many months of studying natural ingredients, then whipped up in my KitchenAid mixer!

When I brought the polish into the salon to use on my clients, it was their overwhelming response to the Body Polish that spurred me on to develop an entire line of organic skin care.

With the assistance of a renowned organic skin care formulator, we've done just that. Each of our products has been developed with your wellness (and mine) in mind. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and the health of your skin is our #1 priority.  

Age is just a number...

At age 63, I decided to study aromatherapy and am now a Certified Aromatherapist. While it wasn't easy to go back to school at this age, it's extremely gratifying to complete a Certification Program that will help me achieve a new business goal-- custom blending face oils for YOUR skin. 

Timeless beauty is our philosophy…helping you achieve it, is our mission!  



Founder, Parisian's Pure Indulgence, Inc.

P.S. Photo was taken at my wedding at age 59, proving you're never too old to find love again either!

Love after 50, marriage,  
Kelli Parisian - contributing writer

Kelli Parisian is a contributing writer

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My skin is glowing
It’s been almost two weeks since I started Retinol treatment. Wow, what a change, my skin is glowing! I’m noticing fine lines disappearing. I’m so impressed with all Parisians products but this is by far my favorite ~ Lynda F. CA

Great Product!
I have been using the Peptide Line Diminishing Eye Gel for several months now and have noticed that my eyes appear brighter and less “tired”. The puffiness is less and the skin under them is brighter. ~ Jeanne M. NC

Great for sore muscles/joints
Serenity Premium CBD Gel works for me! Highly recommend for relief from sore or strained muscles! I have an old ACL injury that acts up from time to time and this quiets the aches quickly. Smells nice without being too strong, too. ~ Connie M. HI

Platinum C gets a "A" from me!
I started using PPI's Platinum C about a year ago when I decided to dump the toxic department store brand from my beauty regimen.The Platinum C meets and exceeds my expectations and has kept my skin texture smooth, even and yes - YOUTHFUL!! The same type product in department stores would have cost me almost double what I pay for PPI. ~ Nicole R. CA