5 Bedtime Habits Women With Great Skin Swear By

5 Nighttime habits women with great skin swear by

Great skin is more than good genes. To have great skin, you must commit to a routine.  We promise you'll never regret making these healthy habits a part of your life - they're so easy to implement and totally worth the time investment! 

1. Good cleansing every.single.night 

Women with beautiful skin commit to cleansing their skin every single night.

Removing the grime from the day and prepping your skin to receive all the benefits of your nighttime skincare routine is the best path to clear radiant skin.

Bonus habit! Womenwith great skinswear by wearing sunscreen every single day...rain or shine. This habit is the best for perfect-aging. We all know that sun exposure is the single most damaging and aging factor for our skin.


2. Sleep on your back

Research has shown side sleeping, over time, puts pressure on your face and can lead to pressure wrinkles. Not to mention what it does to your decollete (chest area-in case you were wondering).

Sleeping on your back has even more helps to keep your face free of wrinkles and if you prop your head up with pillows, fluids are not as likely to pool under your eyes, creating puffiness.

3. Exfoliate regularly 

If your skin is not glowing, chances are dead skin cells are to blame. To keep your skin looking it's absolute best, get a good exfoliation routine going.

Exfoliation assists your skin’s natural cell turnover process, and in women over 50 this process naturally slows down

We recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week to keep pores clean and less noticeable. No need for harsh exfoliating ingredients or gloves. Ingredients like crushed fruit pits or nutshells can be abrasive and cause micro tears in the skin, damaging the skin barrier.

Chemical exfoliants may sound scary, but they're not. They're extremely beneficial to our skin. They dissolve the glue that binds dead skin cells, helping to loosen and slough the cells off the skin. They include AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids), Lactic Acid, and fruit enzymes.

4. B Vitamins for Beautiful Skin

Women with vibrant, glowing skin know that "B" vitamins stand for beautiful skin.
Vitamin B3 is often used to improve the appearance or severity of some skin conditions and B12 vitamin supplementation could even help regulate your skin’s pigment production, preventing hyperpigmentation.

Bonus habit! Women with great skin swear by wearing sunscreen or shine. 

5. Layering 

Women with beautiful skin realize the importance of layering their skincare treatments every night. They know that a good rule of thumb is to apply products from thinnest to thickest at night.





Night cream

Eye treatment

Bonus habit for the morning! Women with great skin know than sun exposure is the single most damaging and aging factor for our skin. But what many people don't realize, is wearing a moisturizer with SPF50 is a habit to get in to every single day... rain or shine! The habit of putting on a moisturizer with SPF50+ can be one way you look younger than your years while also protecting yourself against harmful UVA rays which promote wrinkles and can make skin look years older than it actually is.