How I Lost The Quarantine Weight

Many of us put on a few pounds of extra weight during the days of quarantine 

It's no news bulletin that as we age it gets harder and harder to lose weight.

And, losing weight at age 66 is no joke!

How about you? Are you thinking it's time to shed a few extra pounds?

It took me 3 1/2 months to lose the weight I had put on during the COVID quarantine days. Admittedly,It may have had something to do with my quarantine obsession.

.. a newfound love of sourdough bread baking. 

I remember the day I first saw the perfect loaf of scrumptious sourdough bread while scrolling through Facebook.

Mastering bread baking is something I've always wanted to do and what better time than quarantine time?

It quickly became an obsession to make the perfectly scored, round, browned, delicious bread. The challenge of baking an airy loaf was real.

I made rosemary sourdough, obe potato sourdough (it was actually purple on the inside!), and the very popular jalapeno-cheese sourdough.

I also ate a piece or two daily....with butter.

I was actually surprised that I was having a tough time losing weight. 

Weightwatchers diet| Kelli Parisian| How I lost weight gained during quarantine|Parisians Pure Skincare

5 pounds turned into 10, and 10 into 12 when the flashing red lights in my head started going off saying, stop now, you're on a slippery slope Kelli.

In April of 2022 I bumped into someone I hadn't seen in 2 years. I noticed right away that she looked great and had lost a significant amount of weight. "How did you do it?" I wasn't terribly surprised when she replied, "Weightwatchers." 


Weightwatchers reimagined logo - how I lost the quarantine weight - Parisians Pure Skincare

Good ole Weightwatchers. The diet that's been around forever and isn't gimmicky or fad-ish. It just works.

I came home that day and downloaded the WW app. 


The reality is this was the day I had finally wrapped my brain around, TODAY is the day. Today is the day I get serious about losing this weight.

Isn't that how it is with all of us?

We have to finally decide what we're doing isn't giving us the results we want. My sourdough bread diet just wasn't working! Imagine?!

Mental preparation is as important as food prep. Probably, more so. 

I've found the diet to be relatively easy to follow. I like the challenge of staying within the allocated daily point system. I also like the ease of scanning barcodes at the grocery store to see if what I'm about to purchase is worth the point count. Most of the time, it isn't, so I make a better choice.

I also love the free point foods I eat daily that don't affect my point count for the

Weightwatchers diet| Kelli Parisian| How I lost weight gained during quarantine|Parisians Pure Skincare

day. It surprised me how many of these free point foods I can eat in a day and still lose weight. 

The WW app also offers access to many easy-to-make, low-point recipes with foods I have on hand. I find going to the store at the beginning of the week helps me have the foods I like at home so I'm not tempted to make poor choices.

Exercise is vital to the success of this program. I started by hill-walking 30 minutes a day and now I'm up to 60 minutes, 6 days a week. I'm going to cut this back to 5 days now. 

I've reached my goal of losing 12 lbs. I will continue to use the app to keep me on track for the next few months and help keep the quarantine weight I gained from creeping back.

I'm not an ambassador for WW. I'm not being compensated in anyway. I'm simply sharing my story.

Weightwatchers diet| Kelli Parisian| How I lost weight gained during quarantine|Parisians Pure Skincare