Trends In Nail Shapes And Lengths

Trends in Nail Shapes

Nail Trends: From Ballerina to Stiletto

Women have a long history of expressing themselves through nail art and different shapes. Today's trends offer a variety of options, from the ultra-popular ballerina and stiletto styles to a range of lengths.

Eye-Catching Edges:

One trendy option is "The Edge" shape. It's not for everyone, but its sharp angles and dramatic flair are sure to turn heads.


very long nails painted purple edge shaped

Here are some details about these nail shapes:

Ballerina nails are a hybrid of square and oval nails, with the square edges softened by rounded corners. This gives them a more almond-like shape with a flat tip.

fingers with ballerina shaped nails in sheer pink polish





Stiletto nails are long, thin nails with a pointed tip. They are a bold and dramatic nail shape that can make a statement. Stiletto nails are not for everyone, but they can be a great way to add some edge to your look.

Both ballerina and stiletto nails can be worn with any type of nail polish. However, they are often seen with more dramatic colors, such as black, red, or blue.

If you are thinking about getting ballerina or stiletto nails, it is important to make sure that you have strong nails. These nail shapes can be more prone to breaking, so it is important to take care of them.

Womans very square shaped fingernails with sheer pink polish and nail design

Softer Touch: The Rise of Natural Curves in Nails

The sharp lines of the hard square are giving way to a softer aesthetic. Natural curved edges are taking center stage in the world of nails, and for good reason.

Mirroring the graceful lines of your fingertips, natural curves create a refined and sophisticated look. They enhance the natural beauty of your hands.

This shape complements a variety of nail lengths and styles, making it perfect for any occasion. Dress them up or down – natural curves adapt seamlessly.

Considering a Change?

If you're looking for a comfortable, stylish, and universally flattering nail shape, give natural curves a try! You might just find your new favorite.

beautiful almond shape nails in cream color

 A classic and beautiful shape for women of all ages is the rounded or almond shape. This nail shape is versatile and classic. It's also looks great with any color polish or no polish at all.

Oval nail shapes are best for long nails, slimming short fingers and narrow nail beds. 


A great choice for anyone looking for a nail shape that is less likely to break than any other shape... it's the squaoval shape. It's a cross between square and oval nails, with the square edges softened by rounded corners. 

Squoval nails are a very popular nail shape and are the most commonly requested shape by manicurists.

This shape makes a nail strong and durable, while still looking feminine and elegant. Squoval nails can be dressed up or down, and they look great with any type of nail polish.

Square shaped nails 

Here's a great guide to nail shapes and what they're called if you want to tell your manicurist the shape you prefer.

chart of 12 different nail shapes, coffin tips, lipstick, stiletto, ballerina

Nail Color

Nail color is a great way to express your personality and style. There are so many colors and shades to choose from. 

When it comes to choosing a nail color, here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Your skin tone: Some colors will look better on certain skin tones than others. For example, cool-toned colors like blues and purples will look great on people with cool-toned skin, while warm-toned colors like pinks and oranges will look great on people with warm-toned skin.
  • Sheer or pastel are a good choice any time of year. They don't show the chips as much as dark colors.

No matter what your style, there's a nail color out there that's perfect for you. So experiment and have fun with it!

Here are some tips for keeping your nail polish looking its best:

  • Apply a base coat: A base coat will help to protect your nails from the polish and prevent them from staining. Look for a nail hardener base coat if your nails are weak or split.
  • Apply two coats of polish: Two coats of polish will give you more coverage and a longer-lasting manicure.
  • Apply a top coat: A top coat will help to seal in the polish and prevent it from chipping.
  • Reapply your polish every week: To keep your manicure looking its best, reapply your polish every week.

Weak nails?

Many of us have weak, split nails.  If you're looking to grow longer, stronger nails, read the reviews on our very popular nail strengthener, Nail Fitness nail hardener. It's the best nail hardener you'll find. 

Oh, and if you're interested in hard or soft gels, read my blog on the differences.

Which nail shape do you like best?