Which Of These Skincare Mistakes Are You Making?

10 Common Skincare Mistakes

The 3 year old skincare products in my cabinet are still good

Most skincare products lose a great deal of their potency after 12 months. It is best to use the entire contents within one year. Ingredients can also get contaminated with bacteria. Evaporation becomes an issue after time too.

Cucumbers remove under eye puffiness

The principle ingredient in cucumbers is water (90%) with the balance being inert fiber. They can be soothing and temporarily hydrate skin but the mistake is thinking they can permanently get rid of puffiness. You can get the same result from a cold compress. A bag of peas works great!

Layering several products with SPF rating will increase protection 

You are only protected to the level of the highest rating of one product. A foundation with SPF10, moisturizer with an SPF15 and a sunscreen with an SPF 20 does not yield an SPF rating of 45. You are protecting your skin with SPF20 only.

Facial exercises tone facial muscles and make us look younger 

common skincare mistakes, woman doing facial exercises

The face is the only part of the body where muscles are attached directly to the skin; there are no facial ligaments and tissue. Constant facial exercise and tugging contribute to additional lines. Actually, wrinkles often form along expression lines caused by facial movements.

Alcohol abuse causes your nose to become red and bulbous 

Excessive alcohol consumption can temporarily dilate blood vessels and make the skin on your nose appear flushed, but in most cases, a large, inflamed red and bulbous nose is a result of rosacea.

Vitamin A (Retinol) thins the skin

Actually, the reverse is true. Skin can become thin due to the lack of Vitamin A. Retinol (derived from Vitamin A) helps to create new, healthy, and normal skin cells. Retinol is arguably the most important skin care ingredient, bar none. It is one of the few ingredients that is backed by more than 50 years of objective, scientific research supporting its efficacy.

Using oil-free products is best for oily skin

Even the oiliest skin needs moisture. Skipping oil can lead to skin that's chronically dry (yes you read this right), which is when skin starts to produce more oil.  Use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

Skin pores can shrink 

Pores are openings in the skin that allow oils (sebum) to reach the surface. If pores are large, this can be due to dead skin cells and debris, genetics, or scarring from squeezing blemishes. It's super important to keep them clean, which in turn makes them appear smaller, but no, they don't shrink.

Skipping Exfoliation 

This crucial skincare step is often overlooked, and it's a mistake. Our pores need deep cleaning at least 2-3 times a week. It allows our serums to work better too.

I can reverse sun damage and signs of aging quickly

The damage did not happen overnight, and cannot be magically repaired. Expect at least three skin cycles, a cycle can be between 21-40 days, depending on age - to begin to see measurable results.

Do you believe any of these? Have you made skincare mistakes? Share, please.