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Fighting Dry Skin After 50

The #1 complaint I hear from my customers over 50 is, "What can I do about dry skin?"

Dry skin is a skin type that doesn’t produce enough sebum (our skin’s natural moisturizer) on its own. You're not alone! Dry skin can be a huge issue for many of us we age and it's not unusual. 

Dry skin happens after 50 because the skin barrier becomes weaker, and can't repair as easily. Oil and sweat glands become less active, leading to further dryness and, eventually, wrinkles.

Hormonal changes, especially perimenopause and menopause can cause dry patches, itchy red, angry looking skin.

What are the causes and what can you do?

After 50, hydration is key to great looking skin. Replenishing our mature skin with moisture and helping it maintain moisture is crucial when it comes to making your skin look and feel its best. It's not just about applying something topical. You need dry skin fighting ingredients that penetrate deep into our skins layers.

Look for day and night serums with hyaluronic acid (bigtime moisture binder!), peptides, and Vitamin C, Resveratrol all known for their moisture binding properties. 

A combination sunscreen and moisturizer every morning is beneficial, but start with a serum that has the ability to penetrate deeply and keep skin moisturized.

You are more likely to have dry skin if you:

Live in a dry climate. I know this first hand. I work extra hard to keep my skin hydrated living in Southern California. In the Fall/Winter it's a challenge. We have windy conditions and and when we run our heat, there is very little moisture in the air. I'm cautious to keep hydrated. 60 ounces of water is a daily goal for me

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I also use our ultra-hydrating Luxe Perfect-Aging Serum Concentrate because it's so concentrated. I also use a face oil all year round now at night.

During the summer it's important to keep hydrated and protect our skin with both a serum and moisturizer with sunscreen. 

Here's another trick I learned for keeping skin hydrated any time of year. Right after a shower, apply a great body oil (no mineral oil) to your skin before it is completely dry. It locks in the hydration. Also, keep the temperature of your bath/shower warm, not HOT. Hot water is known to disrupt the skin's natural balance of moisture, robbing it of the natural oils, and proteins that keep skin healthy.

Remember: If you have dry skin a face oil is a must to lock in hydration.

Did you know that stress is bad for our skin too?

Stress can affect our entire body, including the health of our hair, skin, and nails. Stress impacts our immune system, causing our skin to be more reactive and sensitive which can trigger rashes, hives, and redness. 

Stress exacerbates existing inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, leading to flare ups. 

Self care is one of the best ways to counteract stress. Taking time to do some of the things you love, such as reading, dance, a massage, a walk (my personal fav). A long warm (not hot) bath will help improve your mood and soothe dry skin. Don't forget a great absorbent body oil afterwards!


Exfoliating 2-3 times per week is important for women in our over 50 age group in order to slough away dead skin cells and allow your serums and moisturizers to work their magic.

For 13 more tips on dealing with dry skin after 50 and ways to improve everything from dry nails to chapped lips this article from Webmd is worth the read.