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Nail Fitness & Shea Brulee Cuticle Cream

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Like a glove of hydration, Shea Brulee is hand and nail therapy. Encourages nail growth, improves nail strength, and conditions cuticles.

.5 oz Nail Fitness & 1.5 oz Shea Brulee

Nail Gift bag includes one bottle of Nail Fitness and one Shea Brulee Cuticle Creme (full size of each).

Nail Fitness

Nail Fitness Benefits

  • Best Nail strengthener
  • Prevents splits and cracks
  • When used as base coat, colored polish lasts longer.

Protect nails while you nourish and soften dry cuticles with both Nail Fitness and Shea Brulee Cuticle Creme.

Shea Brulee Cuticle Cream

Shea Brulee - Shea Butter cuticle cream in very popular Cucumber Melon scent.

    • Smoothes ragged cuticles
    • Nourishes fingernails
    • Helps to eliminate cuticle dryness
    • Formaldehyde Free!