5 Fall Skin Care Essential Tips

5 Essential Skin Care Tips To Glow This Fall

Your summer beach vacation was just what you needed to relax, but the sun's rays have taken a toll on your beautiful skin. As the cooler weather hits, it's time to switch up your skincare routine and restore your skin to its fall glow. Here are five easy tips:

    1. Change Up Your Cleanser

    A light, foamy cleanser was perfect to us all summer to keep oily skin at bay during the humid months. But, with cold temperatures around the corner, you'll need a cleanser that can lock-in moisture and cleanse your skin without stripping it of those necessary protective oils you want during the fall and winter months ahead.

     2. Exfoliate Wisely 

    Remove those dead summer skin cells and make room for healthy new ones with an exfoliating treatment that has your skin in mind. Don't forget to give your skin a boost of happiness by applying a hydrating serum and moisturizer after exfoliating.


    Tip: Gently exfoliate your face twice a week, and don't forget your lips! Exfoliating your lips too will help remove dead skin cells and prevent flaking, peeling, and painfully cracked lips. Your partner will thank you for it! Never go to bed without moisturizing your lips.


    3. Make Your Eyes Sparkle

    You've been squinting all summer, it's time to look for multitasking eye creams/gels that combine ingredients that target multiple concerns. Peptides, Licorice, Hyaluronic Acid, Shiitiake Mushrooms, are all great ingredients to look for. Together they address all major concerns around the eyes.

    Tip: Proper application can also enhance the efficacy of your eye product. Apply a pearl-sized amount of cream/gel with your ring finger and lightly tap the cream along the entire orbital bone. Avoid applying too close to the lash line and apply the cream with your ring finger. Why? It is the weakest finger, which means less tugging on the delicate eye area. 

    4. Look For Antioxidants

    Environmental factors like radiation from the sun, pollution, smoke and other toxic chemicals are known to trigger the formation of free radicalsFree radicals can change our skin’s melanin production, causing dark spots and uneven skin tone. By reducing photodamage, antioxidants can help prevent abnormal skin pigmentations.

    Fortunately, studies have shown that the inclusion of antioxidants in your skin care regimen can help your skin fight free radical damage and recover from oxidative stress.  Consider switching to a moisturizer rich in antioxidants.

    Woman holding a dropper of oil to her face | 5 Fall Skin Care Essential Tips

    5. Embrace a Facial Oil For Fall 

    As the weather gets cooler, it's important to protect your skin from the drying effects of the air. A facial oil can help to do just that, by providing your skin with a layer of nutrients and hydration.

    Look for a facial oil that contains ingredients like rosehip oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, or vegetable-derived squalane. These oils are all known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties, and they can help to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

    Contrary to popular belief, facial oils do not cause breakouts. In fact, they can actually help to prevent breakouts by balancing the oil production in your skin.

    So if you're looking for a way to keep your skin looking and feeling its best this Fall, a facial oil is a great option.

    two jars of Parisians Pure Indulgence Sugared Butter Whip Body Polish

    Bonus Tip - Don't forget your hands

    One of the most neglected parts of our body. If you talk with your hands like I do, consider treating your hands to a twice-weekly sugar scrub/polish. Exfoliating away the dry skin that is sure to arrive this Fall leaves your skin happy and protected for the Winter months ahead.

    Sugar versus Salt Scrubs

    Granules are generally more gentle in sugar. Salt can cause microscopic tears in the skin.  Because of sugar's natural humectants properties, sugar scrubs are more hydrating than salt scrubs, which can strip skin of natural oils. Salt scrubs also sting your freshly shaved legs (ask me how I know!...ouch!)

    You're ready for Fall with these essentials. Get your glow on girl!