6 tips to Nails that won't chip, split, peel or break

Do your nails chip, split, peel or break?  

These are all common nail problems to have, but, with a little effort, you can have better nails in 2-4 weeks. You'll be on your way to stronger, healthier nails with our 6 tips.
Nothing beats having your own healthy, strong nails, don't you agree?Nails don't have to be crazy long--most of us prefer a medium length nail that's pretty and functional. 
Top 6 Tips for Strong Nails:
  1. Nail Vitamins - Yes, they work! Be sure you take a vitamin high in biotin, folic acid, and Selenium. I use Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails. I've found they help keep my nails strong. Remember, consistency is key when using supplements. It may take until your second bottle to notice a difference in your nails.
  2. Healthy Diet - I know, I harp on this topic, but hair, skin, and nails all respond to a healthy diet rich in nuts, berries, greens, and fish oils. Healthy eating, with minimal sugar consumption, contributes to the overall health of body and nails. Don't forget to include healthy amounts of water in your diet too. No, wine doesn't count ;-)
  3. Oil Soaks - can improve the health and strength of our nails. Coconut oil with a couple drops of Vitamin E, for 5-10 minutes a day for 2-3 weeks, will significantly improve the condition/strength of your nails. Warm the oils for 30 seconds in micro.
  4. Body/Cuticle oils- if you don't have time to soak--massage your nails with a high-quality body or cuticle oil. Our LeFruitier Oil is a delicately light synergy of Grapeseed, Meadowfoam Seed, and Cranberry seed oil. All top shelf oils for delivering vitamins and nutrients to the nails. Scented with only citrus essential oils.

Best oil for weak, split, peeling nails. Strong, healthy nails in 2-3 weeks

  1. Limit water exposure - the sure enemy to nails is prolonged soaks in water. Wear gloves when you wash dishes. If you're in a pool, jacuzzi, or bath, keep your nails outside the water as much as possible. Water lifts polish/gels and weakens nails. 
  2. Nail Strengthening Polish - look for ingredients like Keratin, Calcium, Gelatin, Wheat Protein, and Soy Protein, all found in our best selling Nail Fitness Nail Hardener. Ideally, nail strengtheners should be used every other day, for 10 days, then removed and reapplied. Colored polish can be worn with our Nail Fitness Nail Hardener.

If you think your nails are beyond these tips, there are some good ways to enhance your nails--from Long-wearing nail polish to Hard/Soft Gel Nails, and even Dipped Nails--I wrote about the differences between these nail enhancements in another blog.

In My Blog, "Deciphering the World of Nails - What are Hard Gels/Soft Gels, Acrylic Nails, Dip Nails?" I share the pros and cons of today's popular nail enhancements. I also share what to look out for in polishes that claim to be "Gel" but aren't!

Do you have any nail tips to share? Do you have any questions? I'm always happy to help ~Kelli