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5 Big Mistakes In Applying Makeup After 50

Applying makeup post 50 and the mistakes we can make

Makeup application post 50 is different than applying it in our 30's and even 40's. Gravity takes over and we need to make changes in the way we apply our makeup or risk making ourselves appear older than we are.

There are some great tips in this video that are a must see. 

Shelley from "Fabulous Fifties" Lifestyle Blog demonstrates 5 common mistakes many of us make applying our makeup. Do you make any of these?

Makeup application after 50

After watching, I learned I make 2 out of 5 of the mistakes!

When I corrected them, I was impressed at the difference it made. My eyes looked bigger and seemed to pop!

One of my favorite tips didn't involve makeup application, but the organization of our makeup-- the eyeshadow pallet. Taking our various shadows we use daily, blushes, etc., and keeping them all in one case is genius--why didn't I think of that?

Stop. Before you pick up that makeup sponge 

First of all, make sure it's clean. A dirty makeup sponge is a breakout waiting to happen.

Second, remember that moisturizer matters! Be sure you're wearing the right moisturizer for your skin type before applying makeup. Dry skin and fountain don't mix. Be sure your skin is well-hydrated with a light, yet effective day moisturizer. It primes your skin and prepares it to receive the foundation and helps it to spread properly.

Be sure your day moisturizer includes sunscreen.  Some believe foundation with SPF 15 is good enough. Foundations (base makeup) with sunscreen is not as effective as a good quality day cream with at least SPF30, applied before foundation. SPF50 is better, but, no, you won't have a total of SPF65 by using both the foundation with SPF15 and a moisturizer with SPF50. It doesn't work that way. You are only protected only to the level of the highest rating of one product. In this case, the SPF50. 

I wrote a blog on that topic and other common skincare mistakes. Read it here.

Don't forget your eyes

It's also important that our under eye area is properly moisturized before applying a concealer. If not, the concealer can become caked, not gliding properly, and actually accentuates the fine lines around our eyes.

Read my blogon choosing the right eye creme, serum, or gel for under eye puffiness, crows feet, and dark circles.

What was your biggest takeaway from the video?