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Why do we pray before our Thanksgiving meal?

Prayer before meals, Thanksgiving.Most families, even if they don't pray before any other meal, will pray before Thanksgiving dinner.  Our family's Thanksgiving tradition is to have a time of prayer, and then go around the table, sharing the blessings of the past year and what we are most grateful for.  This led me to contemplate; why do pray before eating? 

1. To acknowledge who God is and his sovereign power.  Taking a moment to focus solely on Him, puts us in the mindset of who we are by comparison, and directs us to his Holiness. Simply acknowledging his character reminds us of his many attributes; His generosity, loving kindness, and care. 

2. Reminder of Gods provision.  Do we give ourselves the credit that God deserves at times?Who gives us our personal strengths, qualities or gifts? Thanking God for giving us our abilities, reminds us of where they came from.  Awareness of how he provides is humbling, and humility is a characteristic God cherishes.

3. An expression of appreciation.  We acknowledge him as the source of everything we have. Daily thankfulness reminds us how richly blessed we are.  It causes us reflect on the giver more than the gift. Declaring our gratefulness brings God honor, and let's him know we don't take his gifts for granted.

4. It's biblical!  1Timothy 4: 4 & 5: For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.

Whether is Thanksgiving or any other day, prayer before meals is an opportunity to celebrate God's generosity daily!