5 easy skin care goals for 2016

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1. Decide to have a goal!

Whether you are looking for Rosacea redness relief, or just want to better hydrate your dry, flaky skin, deciding to do something about it, is the first step.  Perhaps you've been unhappy with the results, from the drug/department store products you've been purchasing and have decided 2016 is the year you try something healthier for your skin.

2. Be more Aware! 

Organic is different than Natural.  Beware of companies that use the word "Natural" on their packaging.  Legally, this means nothing—it's a completely unregulated term and is used mostly for marketing. It will generally mean that at least some natural ingredients have been used in the formula, but a product can be labeled as natural and contain significant synthetic ingredients. 

Organic products are highly regulated.  It means they contain a large percentage of ingredients that have been grown and processed under a very strict code of cleanliness, with no pesticides or fertilizers, and absolutely no genetically modified organisms. 

3.  You are what you eat...and your skin shows it 

Dermatologist, Dr. Perricone writes, "Sugary, starchy foods and the inflammation they cause shows up on the skin as a loss of radiance, dark circles under the eyes, the loss of tone, puffiness, an increase in fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of facial contours and increased pore size. These foods can also exacerbate acne, which is a systemic, inflammatory disease.  I am not exaggerating when I say that sugar can rob you of your youth, health, and beauty."  

Have you noticed, during the holiday season, when you are eating more sugar, more fat, and less fruits and vege's, your skin looks lack luster?  Now you know why.

4. Retinol in 2016 - 

Retinols unplug pores, help clear up acne, reduce fine lines, boost collagen production, lighten brown spots and freckles, and improve skin texture.  Retinols are the only proven skin care ingredient for reducing wrinkles

5.  Layer! 

Your skin is made up of layers, and so should your skin care routine. Begin with a great facial cleanser, exfoliate at least 2 times per week, and follow with a Retinol Serum, AHA Creme (like our Flawless), and even a extra rich night creme if you skin is dry this time of year. Each treatment has a specific function.  For example, serums deliver the active ingredients to deeper layers of skin.  Following your serum with a night time moisturizer locks in the serum to do what it does best.