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How To Best Wear Wide-Legged Jeans Styles Over 50

Kay Harms Shares How To Wear Wide-Legged Jeans Over 50

How to wear wide legged jeans over 50 | Parisians Pure Indulgence Blog

Watch Kaye style wide-legged pants in new ways

Why wear wide-legged jeans over 50?

Freedom and comfort, all in one.

Gone are the days of struggling to get into tight jeans. Today, looser fitting jeans are the ultimate in comfort, and most most can wear them if styled properly with the right top and/or jacket.

Wide-leg jeans have been trending for a while now, but today, they are everywhere. Wearing the latest trends helps us to look modern and stay relevant.

Another bonus for wide-legged jeans is they can conceal a heavier thigh.

Looser fitting jeans can also create the illusion of a waistline when paired with the right top or jacket. 

Dark blue plus size wide legged jean | How to best wear wide legged jeans after 50


Woman wearing light washed blue jeans in wide leg | How to best wear wide legged pant styles over 50



The light wash wide-legged jeans pictured are found at Old Navy at a great price point.




Woman wearing wide legged jeans with mocha top and jacket | How to best wear wide legged jeans after 50

While traveling, I purchased a longer length wide-legged jean while in London. 

In Europe, I saw most women are wearing baggy jeans like the ones photographed on the right. If you're on the shorter side (hand raised), wearing a matching top and jacket can make you appear taller.

wide legged black jeans with boots | How to best wear wide legged jeans after 50

I purchased Teresa Wide-Legged Ankle Jean last year from Not Your Daughter's Jeans (NYDJ) and have loved them.

I prefer to wear my ankle length wide-legged jeans with half- boots like these. I like the look.

Wide-legged jeans over 50 are a great look and on- trend for Fall and Winter.