The Top 5 Fears Women Have After 50

Our Top Fears After 50

Conventional wisdom might say a post 50 Woman's biggest fear is wrinkles and looking old. Sure we want to look our best, but, over and over I read women feel invisible and unimportant once they are over 50.  It isn't a gut-wrenching fear; it's more an observation. Bigger fears are attached to health and money.

Health and not having enough money for retirement

My own query on facebook, resulted in these answers. I asked, "What is that single nagging worry that has the potential to haunt your sleep and overshadow your generally positive outlook on life?"

Financial insecurity 

"I have some fear around continued good health as well, and do what I can to foster that in my life. The financial stuff, well, lots out of my control but am doing what I can and trusting God to provide." Allison, CA.


 "Not being able to afford treatment if something happens. Since I cannot afford insurance for the first time in my life." Chrisy, VA
"One of mine is health too. Now having osteoarthritis/osteoporosis due to cancer treatments I worry about lack of mobility in the future." Adrienne, CA.

"Any major medical issue will cause financial issues. I think many of us have this concern." Kathy, NY

Fear Busters!

More than ever, women after 50, are staying employed longer. Part-time employment, or volunteer work to keep active and healthy. Finding a position that aligns with your values is a bonus.

Fear Busters


  • Put as much money as you can into your 401K and other retirement plans. Find a trusted financial planner whom you can work with for the long term. A financial planner can help us with our life plan and make sure we stick with it.
  • Cut the cord and stop helping your adult kids. Put money into your retirement fund first, and then the college/wedding fund.
  • Consider launching a new career  Women over 50 can get back in the work force, even after raising children or caring for aging parents.  I began Parisian's Pure Indulgence at 50!
  • Long term care insurance. None of us want to be dependent on others, do we?

Live in the present moment

Don't dwell on the past or worry about the future. Focus on enjoying the present moment and making the most of each day. Read 25 tips for living in the present moment.

Don't worry, you're not alone. Lots of women over 50 have the same fears. And there are a bunch of resources out there to help you cope and live a happy and fulfilling life. You've got this!

We can't let fear control us.  Above all, let's do whatever we can to stay healthy, save for retirement, and enjoy life.  We all have concerns about aging--they can either motivate us or cripple us.  As my friend Allison says, "Do what you can, and then trust God, who is ultimately the one in control."