What To Do About A Bad Skin Day

How To Have Less Bad Skin Days 

We've all heard to bad hair days, but, after 50, bad skin days are a thing too.

Have you noticed changes in your skin over 50? Hormones cause everything from enlarged pores to painful cysts. Decreases in estrogen levels leave the skin drier, thinner, more sensitive and less toned post 50. We can't control getting older, but what about the things we can change?

4 things we do to contribute to bad skin days:

1. Dirty cosmetic brushes

72% of women don't clean their blush brushes and eyeshadow brushes! Eww and GUILTY! These brushes pick up dirt, oil, and grime, that you’re/I'm putting back on your/my face. At the very least, this bad habit can clog pores and cause breakouts; at worst, dirty eyeliner and shadow brushes can lead to nasty infections like pink eye. Yikes! 

Fix: Once a month, give brushes a deep clean with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and water. Place them flat to air dry (this helps the brush maintain its shape). I'll be setting a reminder on my phone.

2. Maskne is real!

It's so real I wrote an entire blog about it! 

If you're breaking out more than normal these days try these two things. First, change your mask more often. Second, spray your mask with a sanitizing spray before wearing.

Fix: If you must try, apply to your inner wrist instead of your face, and cleanse arm soon after testing. Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in your handbag for this purpose.

3. Skipping cleansing skin before bed! - One of the biggest mistakes women make is not properly cleansing and removing makeup at night. This clogs oil glands and presses your makeup into your pores, which makes them appear larger. Our collagen levels decline as we get older, and our pores will not snap back after becoming enlarged. Additionally, leftover makeup can lead to inflammation, and lead to breakouts.

Fix: Set a timer to 7:00 p.m. -- face cleansing time! Seriously, do whatever it takes to remind yourself to cleanse your skin at night before you get too tired to do it! 

4. Sugar Face! - Any good dermatologist will warn you of the dangers of glycation, the effect sugar has on the skin. Glycation causes skin to become sallow, lackluster and gives you those unwanted dark circles. Skipping sugary desserts is not the only way to keep us safe, don't forget about hidden sugar. Yogurt, store-bought marinara sauces, and wine are but a few that contribute to glycation.

Fix:  Eat more beauty berries -  Superfoods! Berries contain Anthocyanin, the pigment responsible for the deep red, purple, and blue colors. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps mitigate damage from free radicals on the skin. It's found in blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries,  and strawberries. Ellagic Acid, another antioxidant found in berries protects skin from sun damage and hinders the formation of an enzyme that breaks down elastin and collagen in the skin. This combination creates a one–two punch against wrinkles. 

Cut the wine consumption to weekends only and two glasses maximum. Oh, and not two glasses like this :-)

How to have a good skin day:

Support your Collagen! While we lose collagen as we age, the good news is that these changes don't have to be permanent or irreversible. In fact, a double-blind placebo study conducted last year found that women who took collagen hydrolysate (the peptide form) regularly for 8 weeks saw a 20% reduction in wrinkles! Read the study here.

"The most important thing to know about collagen is to protect the collagen you have with sunscreen and stimulate collagen as much as you can with topical retinol,"reports Dr. Chapas, MD, a dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon at Union Square Dermatology in New York.


How do YOU prevent bad skin days? Share your tips.