How Our Skin Changes As We Age

How Skin Changes By Decades

It's no secret our skin changes as we age. Preserving the best skin of your life starts with learning good habits early. 

20's and 30's

In our 20's and 30's, we can experience hormonal changes sometimes leading to acne. Daily cleansing is a crucial habit to get into during our twenties, especially at night. It's important to use a quality cleanser and not makeup wipes. Wipes aren't effective at cleansing skin thoroughly. Makeup and debris left on the skin can lead to breakouts.

Our 20's is also the perfect decade to get serious about applying sunscreen as a morning ritual - a daytime moisturizer with at least a SPF30. There is no denying sun damage ages our skin. Most of the damage can be prevented with religious use of sunscreen.

By our 30's we should have a good skincare routine in place including a cleanser, a day moisturizer (with SPF30), night moisturizer, and ideally an eye cream. 

The beautiful 40's 

It's my opinion women are at their most beautiful in their 40's. Confidence and life experience create a certain aura for women during this decade.

The flip side is, by mid-40's you'll begin to notice fine lines and loss of skin tone. The crow's feet around your eyes may be smile lines, but they're lines, nonetheless. 

Cellular turnover declines during this decade causing our skin to lose radiance. Our skin just doesn't glow like it once did. Time to add a exfoliant to our skincare routine.

Fabulous 50's

Confidence, stable work life, and kids that are self-sufficient all play a part in making our 50's fabulous.

This is also the decade that you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say, where did that wrinkle come from? Wait, is that an age spot? It wasn't there yesterday?!

This is the perfect time to add an anti-aging (we like to say-- perfect-aging) treatment or two, to your daily skin care routine. The super-savvy started this practice in their 40's.

attractive woman in her 60's

Sensational 60's 

I'm in this decade now, and I have to say, it's fantastic in many ways. I'm at a point in my life that I appreciate life experiences more than stuff. Solid relationships really are most important at this age. Most of us don't sweat the small stuff. 

Kids are grown and on their own (right?) and we can take pleasure in watching them enjoy their lives. 

Retirement is either here, or on the horizon. Or, if you're like me, you never want to retire. Part-time maybe ;-) 

Some of us have begun to wonder, when did I start looking like my Mom? In some cases that's good. My Mom had good skin until she went to heaven. 

A regular routine including a cleanser, toner, perfect-aging serums, and day/night creams are a must! Hyperpigmentation, loss of tone in the jowl area, and creases between the nose and mouth are what we're dealing with at this age.

Savvy 70's 

You're at an age to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Travel, get-togethers with friends (yes-even on Zoom), lifetime hobbies are all pleasures you have more time for.

Yes, you are going to have some wrinkles, jowls, and age spots. But, you can still look fabulous and minimize the look with a fabulous skincare routine. It's not the time to give in and just say, I'm getting old, who cares.

Embracing our age is important. But, it's equally important to look our best at any age. Today's woman is beautiful into her 80's if attitude is good, her demeanor is pleasant, and her confidence is high. If you're in your 80's, you should take pride that you've lived a long life. 

Own being beautiful at every stage in life!





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Beverly Loveland

Beverly Loveland

June 02, 2021

Thank you Kelli for the article on aging, I’m in my early 80’s and think where did the yrs go. I keep active and try to have a positive outlook on things, sometimes it’s difficult but I try.
I believe the Lord has a purpose for all of us and thank him every morning for a new day.
My dogs always make me smile and keep me busy as well.

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