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Best day moisturizer with SPF30 for sensitive skin over 50How much sunscreen is enough? What SPF level is needed for best protection? Do you know that you need a shot glass full of sunscreen  to cover your entire body? A shot glass full ensures proper coverage. This means if you're on a week-long beach vacation, you should go through a bottle of sunscreen every 3-4 days! Why? For optimum protection, the new recommendation is to reapply every 80 minutes. It's also best to stick with lotion type sunscreens versus aerosol. Aerosol types are just not as effective. Sprays are notorious for not providing the SPF number on the label. Much of the spray is blown away in a gentle breeze. Even application is more difficult too.                                                  

Should I wear SPF30 or SPF50--What's the difference? 


apples, skin, healthy, wellness, good for skinEver since the beginning of creation women have had a love/hate relationship with apples.  Today we are learning that apples may tempt us for good reason.  They have wellness benefits galore!