Bust These 5 Winter Skincare Myths (You Won't Believe #3!)

Winter Skincare Myths and Why You Believe Them

Winter's chilly grip got you longing for warmer days? It's normal! This time of year can leave even the best skin feeling dry and dull. Let's get your glow back!

We're here to bust some common winter skincare myths and share some cozy tips to help you get your glow back, even when the weather turns frosty. 


1. I don't need to change my skincare routine during Winter months

Stuck in Summer skincare? Just like we swap our wardrobes, our skincare routine deserves a seasonal update. Winter's the perfect time to pamper your skin with extra love and hydration.

Layering Like a Pro:

Imagine your skincare like a comfy winter outfit. Light toners and serums are like your base layers, while richer creams and treatments act as the cozy sweaters.Layering helps lock in moisture and tackle multiple concerns at once.

Think: gentle cleanser, hydrating toner, a targeted serum (like pro-collagen!), your favorite day cream for daytime protection, and a nourishing night cream to seal in the goodness while you sleep.

Remember: You've got this! With a little TLC and our winter-ready tips, you can conquer dry skin andrediscover your radiant, happy glow. 


2. I don't need to drink as much water during the Winter

Your skin craves H2O Winter and Summer!

Think your skin gets a hydration holiday when the temperature drops? Think again! Just like any other organ, your skin is thirsty year-round. Every cell in your body, including those in your skin, needs water to function at its best.

Skimp on the H2O, and your skin protests. You'll see it in the form of dryness, tightness, and even flakes. A dehydrated complexion loses its resilience, becoming more prone to wrinkles and looking less than radiant.

Woman drinking water in Winter | Parisians Pure Indulgence anti-aging skincare for wrinkles | Bust these 5 winter skincare myths (you won't believe #3)So, how do you quench your skin's thirst and keep it glowing winter and summer alike? Aim for at least eight glasses of water per day. This helps flush out toxins and plump up your cells, giving your skin that healthy, youthful bounce.

Bonus points for adding fruits and vegetables to your diet, as they're loaded with water and skin-loving nutrients.

Remember, even though you might not be sweating buckets in the cold, your skin still needs that internal oasis. 


3. I can use the same cream day and night

Think of it this way: Your day cream is like a shield (think sun protection), protecting your skin from the daily grind.  A good day cream will always include a sunscreen, SPF30 or more. SPF50 is best. During the winter months, it's a good practice to use a quality Vitamin C Serum before your sunscreen. 

Your night creamis like a restorative balm, helping it repair and recharge while you sleep. By providing your skin with the targeted care it needs during both the day and night, you'll be rewarded with a healthy, radiant complexion that's ready to face anything.

So ditch the one-cream-fits-all approach and invest in a skincare dynamic duo that works with your skin's natural rhythm. Your future self will thank you for it!


4. There's no need to use a Toner during the cold months

Toners are often overlooked but they're like a little helping hand for your skincare routine! Especially during the winter, when our skin needs all the TLC it can get.

Here's why toners are great year-round, but especially in the colder months:

Balance is Key: Winter weather can strip our skin of its natural oils and disrupt its pH balance. Toners help gently restore that balance, creating a canvas for your other skincare products to work their magic. 

Goodbye Grime: Even after cleansing, there can be leftover traces of makeup, pollution, or dead skin cells. Toners give your skin a final sweep, ensuring your serums and moisturizers can penetrate deeper. Think of it like giving your skin a fresh start!

Gentle TLC: Ditch the harsh, stripping astringents! Winter is all about giving your skin extra love. Choose a gentle, alcohol-free toner that soothes and nourishes instead of drying out your precious skin.

So, no need to ditch your toner in the winter! Just swap out the harsh stuff for a hydrating, pH-balancing friend, and your skin will thank you for it. Remember, happy skin is healthy skin, and a little toner love can go a long way!


5. Winter always causes my skin to be dry 

It's not really winter that causes our skin to pucker up, it's indoor heating and the lack of humidity in the air.

Warmer air (think warm and tropical) has the capacity to hold the most moisture, cold air naturally has a lower humidity – meaning that it carries less moisture.

When cold, dry air is brought inside and you crank up the heat, you are increasing the temperature but not the moisture. Hello, static hair and dry skin!

Consider investing in a indoor humidifier to help with the lack of moisture in the air.

Winter can be a tough time for our skin, but with a few adjustments we can keep it dewy-looking all season long.

A toast to healthy skin:

Raise a glass (of water, of course!) to the promise of happy, healthy skin, no matter the season. With good hydration, a boost of moisture in your air, and the magic of quality skincare, you can keep your complexion thriving right through winter's chill.